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Protect Yourself From What The Eye Can Not See!

We live in a world full of electromagnetic radiation and we know it's not healthy for us, yet most people don't have a way to protect themselves from it. Our pendants have a negative ion charge of 6,000-8,000 which means it neutralizes harmful effects of EMF radiation.

Here's Just A Few Proven Reasons Why You Need A Pendant To Protect Yourself

  • We are surrounded by frequencies from 5G, cell phones, laptops, television, electrical appliances, and so on. These devices emit Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) which is a known human carcinogen and negatively effects our thoughts, memory, focus, and bodily functions.
  • 5G Protection Necklace neutralize & eliminate EMF effects, giving you a layer of protection.
  • This is a 100% natural and Earth-made product.
  • The 5G Protection Necklace is composed of 27 natural minerals tested in a lab to prove safety & structural composition.
  • Body heat scanning tests of the pendant were shown to increase blood flow. You will feel a noticeable energetic shift while wearing the 5G Protection Necklace.

Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Radiation

EMF radiation comes from 5G, cell phones, computers, television, microwave, electrical appliances, etc. In reality, EMF radiation is everywhere, and it is just now being studies in depth. The limited research available only focuses on thermal effects of 5G instead of long term exposure to these low-level frequencies. With the ongoing roll-out of 5G, we are being exposed to EMF like never before & unfortunately, it's getting worse. Below you can see some of the negative effects it can have on our bodies.

How it Works & Tips for Use

The 5G Protection Necklace is made from 27 natural minerals. The pendants are structurally bonded together using advanced nanotechnology. The minerals safely neutralize EMF by counteracting the positive ions emitted by EMF.

We recommend wearing your pendant during the day & taking it off at night. You can place it by your bed side for night time protection.
The effectiveness of the 5G Protection Necklace depends on the negative ion count. The more negative ions, the stronger and more effective the pendant. Our pendants have a strength of around 6,000 - 8,000 negative ions, which is the strongest on the market.

Overall, the pendant helps restore the natural balance of our body. All of the electronic chaos in our everyday life imbalances the cells of our body. When our cells are imbalanced, it causes us to have multiple health issues which start with increased stress and decreases energy. Be sure to wear a 5G Protection Necklace to naturally restore your cells so you can experience natural health and wellness.


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Package Includes: 5G Protection Necklace

1x 5G Protection Necklace

Specifications: 5G Protection Necklace

Material Natural Lava Rock
Size Adjustable
​Pendant Size 42*42mm

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