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Let’s face it, the weatherman isn’t always right, so you might not want to rely solely on his predictions, or you could even enjoy predicting your own weather forecasts!

If that’s the case, then this Storm Glass is just the gadget you’ve been waiting for!
Storm Glasses are amazing devices used by sailors to predict storms for hundreds of years. The Storm Glass is a sealed glass container with a liquid that changes according to weather conditions. It can predict sunny weather, cloudy weather, thunderstorms and blizzards.

The Storm Glass is a great conversation trigger - making it an ideal business gift. It's an exclusive addition to your living room, office or bedroom interior. This gift is suitable for all age groups, adults or children.

Storm Glass can predict different weather conditions in the following way:

  1. The liquid is clear: sunny and bright
  2. There are crystals at the bottom: thick air, ripe
  3. The liquid is weak with small stars: thunderstorms
  4. There are large flakes: heavy air, cloudy and snow in winter
  5. Crystal threads form at the top of the liquid: windy weather
  6. There are small dots: fog, humid weather
  7. Flakes rise and stay at the top: wind in the uppermost regions of the sky
  8. There are little stars: during a sunny winter day it will snow within one or two days.
  9. The higher the crystals rise, the colder it will be in winter.


  • Made by high borosilicate glass for excellent quality.
  • Creative droplet design is cool and unique.
  • Used for weather forecast, can predict sunny, cloudy, fog, storms, snow, etc.
  • It also can be a stunning decoration on any desk and dining table.
  • It would be a wonderful gift for your family or friends.
  • Designed for decoration in the living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, office, bar, restaurants, hotel.

Package Includes: Storm Glass

1x Storm Glass with Wooden Base

Specifications: Storm Glass

Glass Diameter
Bottle Height


Wooden Base Dimension 2.5*2.5*0.78(ln)
Color Transparent, white

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